Roundabout Staff Educational Trip to Ptuj

02.03.2020 Roundabout Travel

Learning is what keeps the mind young and makes Roundabout tour guides better at what they do every day. Our staff re-visited Ptuj, the oldest recorded town in Slovenia, boasting rich and exciting history, culture and traditions. Among other fascinating facts, Ptuj is home to a ten-day long carnival feast and centre of all carnival celebrations in Slovenia which is about to start shortly this month and must visit destination for foodies and gourmets.

The Ptuj Tourist Information Centre (TIC Ptuj) staff, put together a great itinerary for the crew, starting with a never disappointing city tour of the oldest Slovenian town past Roman monuments, magnificent medieval facades, the Dominican Monastery etc.

A stop for a traditional gourmet experience, Taste of Ptuj, a variety of local culinary specialties, carefully prepared according to old local recipes with unique wines from the wine growing regions of Haloze and Slovenske Gorice.

Wine tasting in the dark is certainly something you don’t want to leave out of your visit of Ptuj. Located in the dark tunnels below the Ptuj Castle hill, this unusual & unique experience will make you capture the flavours of wine in complete darkness. For a crash course of delicious local pastry making or tasting genuine home-made products (pumpkin oil, local cold cuts, pasta and pastry) stop at one of many tourist farms located not far from Ptuj.

Make sure to check Ptuj Tourist Information Centre for travel info, things to see & do in the area, and other useful insights to make the best out of your visit of Ptuj.

Hop on board and contact us directly for booking seats for the Tale of Maribor, Ptuj & Wine day tour! 

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