Food & Wine

The beauty of the Slovenian cuisine is in its diversity – from traditional dishes, prepared the old-fashioned way, to modern techniques. Most likely, you are about to come across with both on the same plate. Located at the major geographical crossroad, every area offers its unique flavours that resemble the place's history and local character. Slovenia offers a wide variety of geographically protected food products, which are excellently fused into traditional and modern cuisine.


Uniqueness is key to creating extraordinary events. Listening to your story, assisting you every step of the way, from design to planning and final management, managing all the negotiations, taking care of transportation and all on-site details. We believe each and every partner deserves  experience, professionalism and exceptional customer service in order to create inspiring and memorable travel experiences. Slovenia with its wider area have proven to be among the most inspiring and exciting incentive travel destinations. The diversity of the landscape, rich historical and cultural heritage, a wide range of activities for every day of the year, superb cuisine and wine-making tradition.

History & Culture

Every corner of the country exhibits a castle, monastery, museum, archeological site, monument or gallery taking visitors though an exciting journey from the earliest of human days to present times. A land of thousands castles, Slovenia features a good number of well preserved, some of which are major tourist destinations. Located on the cliff, overlooking the one and only island in Slovenia, to the one built into a cliff concealing an intricate cave system just to mention a few.

Out in the fresh air

Experiencing Slovenia outdoors gives the best in-depth look of the country and its neighboring territories. One of the most amazing facts is that you can dip your toes into the sea while having astonishing views of the mountains at your fingertips. Hiking, kayaking, rafting, cycling, skiing and climbing are among top recommendations and can easily satisfy even the most demanding guest every day of the year. Slovenia guarantees unique travel experiences, no matter the activity, period of the year or region.


Providing the right transportation service when and where you need it. From single shuttles from/to airports to multi-day trip experiences for individuals and groups.


Thanks to our established partnership network with hotels and hostels around Slovenia and the wider area, we can arrange competitive prices, flexibility and a wide range of accommodation options.



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